What is Paleo?

What is Paleo? Find out how you can benefit from this lifestyle #paleo

Not actually a diet at all, it is just about returning to what our ancestors would have eaten.  Enjoying whole foods, including meat, vegetables and healthy fats.

As we all know we didn’t always sit on our butts so much.  Sedentary living was an adaptation we made, and with this came agriculture – and lots of it!  Agriculture was not originally even a concept for the hunter and gatherers that we all have descended from.  Paleo really has looked at this fairly recent introduction of things like agriculture as the pivoting point that led us on a path to the poor health we have today.   Over the years we have continually grown more and more dependent on refined grains and highly process foods that as a society so many of us are sick and tired.

It is actually very scary to think that 72.1% of the total daily energy consumed by people in United States are through dairy products, grains, refined sugars, refined vegetable oils and alcohol.

But, what about dairy?

We are the only species to still consume milk after infancy and the only species to eat the milk of other speciest.  And dairy, although we think it to be something we have eaten forever.  Actually is a fairly recent addition to our diets.  With the continued awareness around lactose intolerance people are becoming more and more aware of how it is actually making them not feel great.  And this is happening in more people, just they are currently unaware.

No need to hunt and gather berries

In an effort to blow the Paleo diet out of proportion, people have focused on the Hominid lifestyle and made inflammatory claims that the Paleo diet is an attempt to restore this.

But that’s not it at all.

It’s about going back to nutrient dense foods.  Cleaning up your diet so that you are getting more healthy fats, clean and satiating protein and nutrient dense carbs.

That’s it, you can still enjoy all the conveniences and enjoyments of modern society 😛

But what this really comes down to is if you are still skeptical.  Try it for 2 weeks.  Even the most adamant skeptic has a hard time not starting to get the idea when they start to feel the positive effects.  Which to only list a few will be increased energy, mental clarity, better sleep, reduced carb crashes or headaches etc.

Try some of the recipes here too at CB2 Fitness – not only are they nutritious, but they are delicious!!  Switching to Paleo doesn’t mean giving up delicious food.

Switch to Paleo and find out why people switch and never go back



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