Online Running Training Plan

Want to get your butt off the couch, but don’t know where to start??

Our custom training plans will help you know where to start without stressing over if you are training enough and avoiding unnecessary fatigue or injury.  Training for a race when you have a professional training plan made just for you makes training more enjoyable.

You will train with confidence and be able to focus on improving your overall health and getting fit.

Order now your 10km or 21.1km training plan.  Your custom plan will be sent to you within 2 days by email.  In the meantime, lace up your shoes and get some short practice runs in.

For only $25 get your custom 21.1km Race Plan

For only $15 get your custom 10km Race Plan

Who are these training plans made for?

They are made with the beginner in mind.  Whether that means you have never run a race in your life before.  Or you have, but its been a while and you need a little help getting started again.

We use common language and no fancy software.  Running is about getting out there and just putting one foot in front of the other.

And we aren’t just abandoning you!  Need personal coaching sessions to help troubleshooting your running form (the position you run in), injuries or just to go over your training plan in person?

Charles can meet you close to home and go over everything with you in person.  Book now!

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How much time is required each week to train?

For the 10km race: you will need about 2-4 hours per week (over 3 to 4 days per week) to be ready for race day.

For the half-marathon (21.1km): you will need about 4 to 6 hours per week (over 3 to 4 days per week) to be race day ready.  When you first start training there is less of a time commitment.  But as you build up your endurance, it takes time to get the longer runs in once per week.

What can you expect from the training plan?

We don’t use confusing software, all you need is the email attachment (pdf) we send you and you are ready to go.

The training plans will be broken down into week by week, customized to when you are starting your training (the number of weeks before race day).  Then within each week the training plan, it will be broken down into what you need to do each of the 3 to 4 days per week of training.

For example, depending on your schedule, you may choose to train Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday & Fridays.  The training plan will show you exactly the length of run and intervals you need to do for each of your training days.  Then its all up to you to get out there and start moving.

Do I need expensive equipment?

Absolutely not, all you need to get training are comfy clothes (sweat wicking and non-chafing preferred) and a pair of comfortable running shoes.

Running Shoes

Just a heads up.  As people start putting more miles in their running shoes, especially if you have never run before, find they need new shoes a couple of weeks into training.

This can be due to them being the wrong type of shoe, the shoes themselves causing you pain, not proper fitting etc.  So please know you don’t need expensive shoes.  But you do need shoes that fit you properly and are meant for running.  Which people unfortunately don’t know about until they have put the time into running in them.  Just keep in mind for later on down the road.

Watches & Trackers

Some people like to use health monitoring watches (Garmin, FitBit etc.) or apps on their phone to track their kms, time spent running and for alerting them of interval timings.  But even this is not necessary, just helpful.

If you are interested in some apps for your phone, check out these (click on them for the links):

Just one quick word of caution, if you are using your phone for apps like this, they use data and run in the background.  If you don’t have lots of data on your phone plan, or your phone keeps running out of juice.  You can also avoid this altogether and just map out your running course on a website like the following, and then avoid the use of anything on your run.

What are intervals & do you expect me to just run 5km tomorrow?

First off, intervals are just short, intense efforts followed by equal or slightly longer recovery time.

For example, after a warmup, run two minutes at a hard effort, followed by two to three minutes of easy jogging or walking to catch your breath.

Right from the beginning you will be only running intervals.  So run 2 min, walk 2 min etc.  And then from there building up the amount of time you can run between the walk breaks.  Until you are an unstoppable machine 🙂

Intervals help you build endurance while not completely exhausting yourself a couple of blocks in.  Even on race day you will be using intervals to give your body small breaks to recharge and recover.

Extra Training FAQ

Why train in the winter?

Personally, we enjoy running in the winter more enjoyable then summer.  You dress in layers, and can remove layers as you warm up.  No overheating, less issues with dehydration from sun exposure and our city offers the most beautiful scenic winter-scapes only a long-distance runner gets to enjoy.

Want to train on a treadmill?  Absolutely, but there is nothing quite like running on pavement to get your body ready for race day.  Especially for this race, it is all on pavement.  So we highly recommend you build outdoor runs into your weekly schedule so you know how to dress, what its like running on pavement when your body is tired and sore and you are truly ready for race day.

Think that you hate running?

Jesika here talking from the heart – I definitely have a love-hate relationship with running.  I have hated it to my inner core at times.  And the long hours pounding pavement by myself have definitely led to some less then stellar moments on my behalf.  Charles has stories believe me!

But I love running because it is a battle against myself.  Every time I am out there, I am competing against my best self from the day before.  I can have my dogs by my side, knowing they are getting outside instead of being cooped up while I am at a gym.  Also, there is no monthly gym subscription, enough said!

Running only gets better the more you add other modalities to it (swimming, crossfit, yoga etc.) they all make you a better runner.  And the best of all, my entire body feels firmer, stronger and limitless when I put in the hours for myself and get moving.

Only you can decide, but running comes with so many benefits.  Don’t take my word for it, get out and try it for yourself.

Is 3 or 4 months too short to train for a Half-Marathon?

On your own, more time is always helpful, but with a personalized coaching plan you can do this!  Our plans take into consideration your current physical fitness and health and are modified to fit YOUR needs.  Because of this, you can rest easy knowing you are doing the correct training necessary to avoid injury.

For only $15 get your custom 10km Race Plan

Full Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t find our plans helpful, or it isn’t what you thought, please let us know within 14 days of your order.  If we can’t help answer your questions, we will give you your full money back.  We don’t want you to spend money on anything you don’t find helpful.

Whats holding you back?

Email us directly with any questions you may have, we will get back to you right away!