Meal Planning

Eating healthy shouldn't be hard!

Whether it is meal prep ideas or meal planning.  Do you ever just wish someone would do the work for you?

Meal planning is hard for many people.  That was the struggle for myself.  The amount of time I spent shopping, unpacking, prepping and cooking each night was overwhelming.  Trying to meal prep on my way home from work just wasn’t working and I felt like there had to be a better way.

I tried meal plans I found online or in cookbooks, but found I was cooking way more food then we would actually eat.  Just being my partner and I, and both with crazy work and life schedules, I needed something personalized to us.  I just want to make a light breakfast (oatmeal or a smoothie) and then have leftovers for lunch and a new meal each dinner I can make in less than an hour.

Then I also tried meal planning myself, but the amount of time it took to search recipes, make decisions (that’s the worst part!!) and put together a grocery list meant my Sunday afternoon was completely devoted to meal planning.  Then even worse – by 6pm I was so hungry and done prepping and shopping we would chow down on fast food or take out.  Completely defeating the purpose!!

Enter Real Plans!

After trying 3 different meal planning services, Real Plans was my absolute favorite.  And so we are also an affiliate for their service.  This means that we advertise their product and they provide us a commission on all sales we direct to them.  This doesn’t change the price or any promotions available to you.  We only refer people to them because we trust them and use their product! (see affiliate policy)

​It took all of 5 minutes to sign up!  Now each week they email me my meal plan and if needed, I can quickly login and make any needed changes in less then 2 minutes.

The first time I was grocery shopping with my beautiful Real Plans grocery list my cart looked so empty and the bill was half the price!  I kept having to reassure myself that I had everything I needed now that I wasn’t purchasing so many extra things.  And best of all!  I didn’t need to go back to the store until the next week!

Why Real Plans?

  • Healthy meal plans – all they meal plans include whole, healthy ingredients customized to your diet and life.
  • Quick start up – in less than 5 minutes from start to finish you will have your next week planned and a grocery list all ready to go for your shopping trip.

  • Save money!  It is embarrassing how much I was spending on groceries when I was shopping daily.

    • My last month before Real Plans was $720 for 2 people – WAY too much money.

    • Now I spend less then $550 per month in groceries and that still includes far more sweets and treats then I care to admit.

  • Android & IOS App – They have an app that you can access all your recipes and grocery list from anywhere!  No longer am I forgetting my list at home!

  • Support small businesses!  Emily and her family are just like me and you, she gets the hassle that complicated systems can be and just wants to make life easier.  Emily built her blog (Holistic Squid) and this business from the ground up, just like us! They also feature recipes from your favorite blogs: Nomnom Paleo, Wellness Mama, Whole30, Paleo Mom, Nourished Kitchen, Autoimmune Wellness, PaleOMG, Well Fed, Naturally Ella and many more!

  • Family tested – with kids of their own, they have tested all the over 1500 carefully curated recipes on their website.

  • Learn how to Cook – Don’t feel confident in the kitchen?  No worries!  These recipes are super easy to follow and don’t require fancy skills or ingredients.  Learn how to cook and bake by following these recipes!

How much does it cost?

Depending on your commitment level 🙂 they have annual, quarterly and monthly plans:

  • Annual subscriptions are just $72 (US) per year, which is $6/mo

  • Quarterly subscriptions are just $33 (US) every 3 months, which is $11/mo

  • Monthly subscriptions are just $14 (US) per month

And all backed by a 30 day full money-back guarantee (no questions asked)!

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But is it worth it?

Real Plans is the only fully personalized meal planning service I have seen that supports local blogs like us.

With the click of a button, you can personalize your meal plan to be:

  • Traditional (Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free and GAPS options)

  • Paleo (Primal, Keto, and Autoimmune Protocol options)

  • Vegetarian (Ovo-lacto)

  • Whole30 Solution

How it Works - Real Plans are easy to use and will save you money on groceries

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Whats holding you back?

Have questions or concerns about if Real Plans is right for you?  Email us and we will gladly get back to you super fast!