DIY Meal Planning (with no planning needed!)

DIY Meal Planning - No list making, prep work nothing!

The never-ending angst of driving home and having NO IDEA what to cook for dinner.  You have a fridge full of stuff and no ideas of what to make with it all.  Stop adding this stress to your day!!

The secret to fast (no planning needed) meals? Just a measly 5 minutes each morning.

Each morning before starting your day, put out on the counter:

  • 2 protein serving per person (Ex. for Charles and 1 = 4 pieces of chicken or beef etc)
  • 2 handfuls of veggies per person

This serves 3 helpful purposes:

  1. In the morning, building a routine is more straightforward.  All it takes is some motivation and some perseverance and there are no distractions and tiring stessors like there usually are later in the day.
  2. If everything is just out thawing or sitting on the counter, I will make the conscious decision to go home and cook then just pick something up on my way.  The biggest part of the work has been done, and now I just have to go home and cook it – no thinking necessary.
  3. Not only have you made dinner for tonight, easily, and without much thought.  You now have easy to reheat lunches for tomorrow.

Now also a couple of things to keep in mind with this advice…

In our home, whenever we grocery shop I immediately come home and freeze all the meat and really perishable items.  This is because I have thrown WAY too much food out because I had the best of intentions to cook it tomorrow.  But then something more exciting came along and before I know it another ridiculous amount of money has gone to waste.

So in writing this, I am assuming (and highly recommending) that like us, freeze all your highly perishable items.  Not only for the costs savings when your plans don’t quite work out, but also it is so handy to just have everything sitting out wonderfully welcoming you home after a long day – not spoiling in the fridge.

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