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Check out CB2 Fitness - Personal training and paleo nutrition About Charles Lefebvre

Personal trainer, Red Seal Journeyman Machinist.  Loves coffee, fitness, beer, traveling, food and dogs.

Charles is a certified CSEP Personal Trainer, and the one behind the coaching and training advice.

When you are looking to either start your fitness journey or accomplish new goals.  It helps to have someone who knows how you work best to support you through this.  Start seeing results from your hard work.

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About Jesika Lefebvre

Happily stuck with Charles for this journey through life.  Writer and creator in the kitchen, loves coffee, food and all my wonderful dogs.  There is nothing better in life then family, friends and puppies – the more the better!

Jesika is the recipe creator and one behind the nutrition and home life side of the blog.

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Charles’ Journey to Personal Fitness

I’ve always had a relationship with health and fitness.Check out CB2 Fitness - Personal training and paleo nutrition It was instilled in me at a young age by my parents. I played a lot of sports growing up including baseball, soccer, basketball and hockey. When I finished high school I really wanted to work in this industry, I always had this feeling I wanted to help people accomplish goals and be able to teach them stuff along the way. Though when I looked at where the industry was I didn’t see a lot of avenues to prosper so I went the safe route and went into the oilfield and got a trade under my belt.

What was supposed to be a few years turned into just shy of 15 years. In that time, I had fallen away from a healthy lifestyle and physical activity other than some beer league hockey. That changed one weekend while house sitting for a couple in their 50’s while the husband was doing an Ironman triathlon. This sparked something in me, here I was at 26 with no excuse why someone almost twice my age was able to accomplish something I wanted to.

I signed up for a 10k that was 5 weeks away. Check out CB2 Fitness - Personal training and paleo nutritionStarted to run, bike and swim out of a training plan I got from a triathlon magazine.  Two weeks into my training, I had to stop running because of shin splints.  Training continued, I just replaced running with more biking and swimming.

Made it to the start line feeling good and beat my goal of an 1 hr 10k by almost 3 minutes. Which I had said before that if I beat my goal I would sign up for an off-road triathlon series called Xterra.  Their inaugural race was just weeks away in Canmore.  I managed to complete it even though I was the last to cross the line.

Check out CB2 Fitness - Personal training and paleo nutritionIt started me down a journey that found me helping coach a group of half and full marathoners for a non-profit, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, to eventually coaching people myself. I coached from 5 k to full marathoners, century rides and even triathlon. It really rekindled that same desire I had when I finished school. So before I knew it, one night I went online and had applied for the NAIT Personal Fitness Trainer program here in Edmonton, Alberta. Where I learned much more than I ever thought would go into personal training.


Jesika’s Journey to Nutrition

Some of my greatest memories growing up are cooking alongside my grandma, aunties and cousins laughing and sharing updates on our life.  And then best of all, enjoying this beautiful meal we made together.

Myself, I have a sweet tooth.  And most of my work and school life was fuelled by gallons of wonderful soy lattes and Cadbury Mini Eggs.  But the truth was that I felt like crap.  I didn’t know how bad my auto-inflammatory disorder (Periositis or FMF) was because I always had some level of stomach pain, and began to just think that was normal.

My path also hasn’t been perfect.

Charles and I first discovered the Paleo Diet and made the switch 8 years ago.  I did not do it right back then, as you may read in some of my blog posts, I would just try to eat the same things before – but with Paleo ingredients.  Doesn’t take a whole ton of insight to realize this didn’t work well.  And soon I realized this too!

Check out CB2 Fitness - Personal training and paleo nutritionWe switched completely to the Paleo Diet and I saw life changing difference’s in Charles.  He wouldn’t get h-angry anymore.  And I mean, it used to be bad!  Like the things he would say would be ridiculous and hurtful in his fit of hunger.  But with the switch, he started to feel better.  We both lost the weight around our tummies and things were really, really good.

But unfortunately, with time, we started to slide.  So 2 years ago I did a Whole 30, which ended up being almost 2 months long in support of my friend who was also doing it.  It was incredibly hard.  But I felt amazing!  I was working full time running a 24/7 program in the inner city and going to school part time.  But I had energy, my stress levels were down and we had started CrossFit – which I absolutely loved.

But I ALWAYS felt like I was prepping and cooking in the kitchen.  It would be a ton of late nights trying to cook dinner I should have eaten 4 hours ago, hungry and just wanting to eat anything sweet I could get my hands on.

After Whole 30, unfortunately again my diet wasn’t always the best.  We would focus on whole foods, but still ate out too much and Blizzards from Dairy Queen just tasted too good to be true.  It was during this time I discovered after years (decades really) of painful inflammation and stomach issues that I was diagnosed with Periositis.  And with this came an even better understanding of how much my diet was causing my health issues.

So now after this long story, it has led me back to a Whole 30.  Once again after getting over the sugar withdrawals – it was a dark time.  I am now really understanding how much my body fights back and is in pain when I eat processed grains and sugars.

My last day on the Whole 30 is October 5, 2017.  From there I will be working through a staged reintroduction of items.  But there are certain things I have come to understand and be peace at that just won’t be a part of my diet.

Paleo may have gotten its bad name a while ago.  But the research and my own personal experience point to how amazing the improvement can be switching to whole foods.

Check out CB2 Fitness - Personal training and paleo nutritionIn addition to my work here online, I am a coffee obsessed manager in the non-profit sector in lively Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  One of my staff described me as “the coolest nerd” and I couldn’t even attempt at lying that I am not a nerd.  And not to say how weirdly honored I was.

Outside of work, my life is busy trying to keep up with my 3 dogs, being a good boss/wife/friend/human and making sure my nieces and nephews know how much I love them.

Wishing you all the best in your health journey – and know that we are here for you every step of the way!

Charles & Jes Lefebvre