9 Ways to Overhaul your Nutrition

Make lasting changes to your diet and take charge of your health.

You can make changes to your health today.  It might be a small step, drinking more water, having veggies with every meal.  But if you are always waiting for tomorrow to make a huge change you may just keep putting it off.

But if you are at the point where you are ready to take your nutrition seriously, here are 9 ways to seriously overhaul your nutrition.

What are the benefits of eating healthy vs. eating unhealthy?

But first thing first – you need to make a goal!

Without a goal you are making a change today with no foresight for where you want to go.  Here are 3 important aspects of the right goal (SMART goal):

  1. Specific, Measurable & Timely: Needs to be specific and not just “lose weight” or “feel better”.  Not good enough!  Also too, keep in mind this is one goal in a series of goals you will set along your health journey.  Set this one for the first 2 weeks, win this one, set another for the following 2 weeks.  And I really really… REALLY recommend not creating a goal based on the number of pounds you want to loose.  Fixating on a certain number can be really discouraging, and when you build muscle (which is what you want to do) you will feel like you are getting further away from your goals.  Here are some examples:
    1. Number of Inches lost from 5 different points on your body (arms, bust, waist, hips, thighs)
    2. Eating no sugar (all types) for a certain number of days
    3. No fast food for a certain number of days
    4. No grains (and other high carb foods) for a certain number of days
    5. Completing a Whole 30, and setting the start date
  2. Attainable & Relevant: set your first goal as something that will push you out of your comfort zone but it will be possible for you to reach.  Very new to changing your nutrition?  Maybe try drinking half your body weight in ounces of water every day for the next 2 weeks.  Looking for a greater challenge?  Then maybe its a Whole 30, or the switch to a Paleo lifestyle.
  3. Write it down: keeping your goal in your head is not a serious step towards making life changes.  Write it down – put it everywhere you look (ex. on your bathroom mirror, fridge, office wall, car dashboard).  Everywhere!  And also, tell a few select people who will be supportive and help keep you accountable and cheer you on.

And now for what you have been waiting for…

9 Ways to Overhaul your Nutrition:

1. Switch to a Paleo LifestyleCheck out the Paleo Pyramid from balanced bites - 9 ways to overhaul your nutrition

The whole focus of paleo is to focus on nutrient dense animal based proteins and veggies.  With this comes no room for eating high processed carbs and sugar.  Your body makes the switch from burning carbs to burning fats.  With this people report higher energy, weight loss, lower insulin levels to just name a few.

Here are some great books to really learn what this means (click on them for links to Amazon):

9 Ways to overhaul your Nutrition9 Ways to Overhaul your Nutrition


2. Try a 30 Day No Sugar Challenge

And this means all forms of sugar (white, brown, date, cane, xylitol, stevia, honey etc).  Eating sugar makes you crave more sugar, changes your taste preference and leads to a ton of health issues and weight gain.

You don’t have to do this alone either, ask a friend, your partner, work colleagues.  So many people want to do this same thing, reach out and I am sure you will find people wanting to join you for this challenge and start taking back their health

3. Do a Whole 30

Why do a Whole30 Challenge? Want to know what all the fuss is about?This is a full overhaul of your diet.  Not for the faint at heart – but I very much recommend if you are really wanting to make changes in your life.  Read Melissa & Dallas Hartwig’s book and get started!  Check out our post here to find out more (Click here)

4. Stop Shopping in the Grocery Store Aisles

The aisles in a grocery store contain all the things with ingredients lists.  And what are on ingredient lists?  Sugars and chemicals.  Skip the aisles altogether and just stick with whole foods that don’t have labels.  That means less convenience products, but better health.

5. Meal Plan

Learn how to eat healthy - get personalized meal plans and grocery listsNot as intuitive as these others.  But when you are meal planning you are ensuring your home is stocked with food.  You have taken the stress out of what to make for dinner and you have healthy leftovers for lunch.

Want help and someone to do this for you?  Check out more – click here!

6. Stop Snacking

Snacks not only add unnecessary calories to your day.  But all the good ones aren’t nutrient dense to say the least.

If you are hungry, eat a mini-meal.  This will actually fill you up, with things that are nutrient dense and not feed the cycle of just eating because you are bored.


Bring your own meals.  This is not the most exciting thing in the world.  But if you are going to someone’s house or you know that an upcoming staff meeting will have donuts – just pack a small something to munch on.  You don’t need to be making a big deal of it and please don’t share the gospel on eating healthy (you will just be THAT person), just let people see the difference.

If you have the budget, you could also bring enough for everyone.  It’s not about shaming other people for their food choices or showing off your new eating healthy plan.  It’s just about planning ahead and ensuring you stick with your nutrition goals despite life, which isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

8. See your Doctor

Nutrient and mineral deficiencies can be causing you serious issues and you may not be aware.  It is always a good idea to see your doctor and ask for updated blood work, especially if it’s been awhile.  Make sure there is nothing else going on, and include your doctor in your nutrition changes.

But with this, also don’t be discouraged if your doctor isn’t encouraging your diet changes.  Unfortunately our current medical system isn’t very holistic.  So your doctor may not understand the link between your nutrition and physical health issues despite now decades of research linking the two.

9. Switch it Up!9 Ways to Overhaul your Nutrition

Want to just start making small changes for now?  Here are some small things you can do to make a big impact on your health

  1. Drink water: that means NO juice, vitamin water, soda etc.
  2. Watch your coffee creamer: switch to just coconut milk or almond milk.  No sugar first thing in the morning
  3. Ensure you are eating veggies in every meal: and that doesn’t mean lettuce on your BigMac.  But actually a full serving of veggies (the size of your fist) with every meal.
  4. Don’t wait for the next meal to start making healthy choices.  No matter if it is a treat meal or just a quick meal, make healthy choices EVERY meal.  That might mean a tossed salad on the side instead of fries.  But just do it every meal, don’t wait for the next meal.

And lastly – the most important advice.  START TODAY!

We all are quick to want to make life changing alterations, but the small changes you make now will help you the most.  Staying on this health journey isn’t about a sprint.  You don’t want to be 30 days from today and burned out and discouraged.

You want to be a year from now and so glad you made the changes you did.

There will never be a less stressful, less busy, etc. time.  It’s all about making changes each day to break yourself of old habits and building skills and motivation.

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